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Monday, February 12, 2018

Beauty's Ambassador #NAI - 02122018

"Sit Quietly ... And She Will Find You"
The Butterfly is Nature's Beauty Ambassador

There is a special kind of joy in seeing a large butterfly winging near you.
 They go about their busy way ... 
but just seeing one will bring you a sense of reverence for life!!!
They are delicate. Their lives are short. 
They remind us that our own lives too are short.

Young, unmarried girls in Native Cultures throughout the world are often compared to Butterflies. The Hopi of the American Southwest celebrated the Butterfly everyday in the historic pueblo hairstyle of their Maidens. Attend a Pow Wow and you will see
 "Butterfly Dancers" in all the colors of the rainbow. 
In their dance, dress and person ... these Native Children are ... Beauty Incarnate.
Native American Silversmiths will often use the butterfly motif in their work.
This Brushed Silver Butterfly reminds all who will see it ... that the wearer has a connection with, and joy in nature.

Rough Cut Turquoise Beads, Hand Finished Sterling Oxidized Beads,
Bali Silver Spacers, Tiny Sand-cast  Butterfly Beads, Sterling Navajo Pearls with a Stunning Hand Carved Brushed Sterling Silver Butterfly set with Turquoise.

All Finding are Sterling Silver
 Set on coated high tinsel wire and secured with "Twisted Crimps"

Butterfly w/Large Pale: 3 x 2 inches
(Makers Mark: B. Johnson - Sterling)
Necklace: 20 inches
Earrings Fall:  2.5 inches

 Modern with an Elegant Simplicity, yet very Native American
Perfect for our "Dressed Down" modern world - Jeans and a T-shirt
w/Free Shipping

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