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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Native America Restoration #NAO - 10102015

 From The Past .... To The Present ... With Joy

After centuries of abuse and neglect ... Indigenous peoples of the world (with their art and culture) are again receiving the recognition they truly deserve. As their wisdom, art and music are again being celebrated, many historic handmade items are being resorted and treasured.

I found these earrings in a "Junk Shop" on an Arizona, Zuni Reservation.
The "STORE" (I use the word lightly) was a smelly, dust, mess !!! 
My husband would not even go inside!!!

I discovered these earring, strung on very stiff and badly warn gut thread in their originally made state.  A rare find, likely sold for quick cash to the pawn shop.
I was very lucky (and grateful) that day to have found them.

Even with their heavy patina (a nice word for dirty) and in such a fragile state,
they cost me a "Pretty Penny".

I have cleaned the beads/shells and restored the stinging.
Because of the hand made nature ... they are very "imperfect" ... a sure sign of originality.  Each bead has been restored to it's original position in the re-stringing.  I was able to use the original silver spacers too - a rare thing - they still show the original oxidation and patina.

The set has new Sterling Silver earring wires.
Falling: 3 3/4 inches
Set on coated high tinsel wire and secured with "Twisted Crimps"

The "Real Thing" ... restored and ready for a "Second Chance"

Hand Carved and Graduated Turquoise with White Sea Shell
Hand Caved Red Coral Heshie Beads and Sand-cast Silver Spacers

 A True Western American Historic Treasure

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