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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kissed By A Rose #PI - 02142018

Pearls ... Natures Original Jewels

A symbol of wealth, status and a form of currency.
Pearls have never gone out of fashion with the rich.
Even now when pearls are "cultured", or even faked in ceramic or plastic, 
the reputation of the pearl survives. 

Real Pearls are Rare, Unique and Mysteriously Beautiful.
This treasured, natural gemstone has fascinated us for centuries.

What Is A Pearl??
When a piece of grit or sand enters its shell, an oyster secretes a layer of Nacre around the irritant to protect it's living soft tissue from harm. Nacre forms a firm crystalline substance containing calcium carbonate that turns into a smooth coating building up in layers over many months and sometimes years. In time, (and with a bit of luck) a beautiful pearl can be taken from the shell without any need for polishing or finishing. The overlapping translucent layers give a pearl its shimmer, color and luster, reflecting the light through those layers.

Human's have been harvesting pearls for centuries in order to try and capture some of the beauty of nature for ourselves. The collecting of pearls is thought to have begun in ancient India among fish-eating families who fancied keeping hold of those little sea gems. Pearl fishing and culture continues in India, Persia, Japan, China, the South Seas and South America.

A necklace was originally a pagan protective device to stop the 
soul from leaving the body and flying off without you. 
Sounds like a pretty essential piece of jewelry to me ??!!

In ancient religions, pearls were symbolic of the moon and possessing magical properties. In fact, most religions make reference to pearls. Even today pearls are symbolic in Buddhist, Hindu, Hebrew, Christian and Islamic religions. 
Pearls are heavenly and pure, the symbol of perfection.

Once upon a time, the family jewels were passed down from generation to generation.
Pearls were popular and worn mostly by royalty.
Who else could afford such rare luxuries from the depths of the ocean?

In ancient Egypt, pearls were used to decorate buildings, royal clothing and even used as sarcophagus decoration. Even cosmetics were made from ground-up pearls.  This is where "Gilter" came from. The Egyptians discovered round pearls through the influence of Persia. A pearl necklace, believed to have belonged to a Persian princess, now hangs in the Louvre.

The Ancient Greeks viewed oysters and pearls as symbols of love.
Ancient Romans also adored pearls as a sign of status for both men and women. 
Both Aphrodite and Venus are said to have emerged from an oyster shell.  
In ancient China pearl jewelry represents purity in the wearer 
and pearls were (and are) used as currency.

View this link for more pearl history:

I Love Pearls
Sometimes I will buy them ... and just look at them for years,
before I use them in my jewelry.
Each pearl is an "Individual". 
Each one a "Treasure".

Even in today's world, with fine "Cultured Pearls", (we no longer wait for nature to put a "seed" into an Oyster - we do it manually - then leave the oyster to grow us a beautiful creation), the pearl still holds great value and meaning.

I am offering a wonderfully modern version of the Pearl Necklace and Earrings set.
Made from three kinds of white pearls, Branch, Biwa and Baroque, 
this necklace and earring set is very wearable.  
Enhanced with a Sterling Silver Rose bead at it's center, Swarovski Crystals 
and Brown/Tan/Gold Jasper stone beads this necklace has a lovely look.

Featuring Two (2) 22 millimeter Baroque Pearls 
(very large natural pearls - amazing size, shape and colors)

6 and 10 millimeter Biwa (Tear Drop) Pearls and 16 Millimeter Branch Pearls
Swarovski Crystals and Jasper Beads
Sterling Silver Rose and Spacer Beads 

All Finding are Sterling Silver
 Set on coated high tinsel wire and secured with "Twisted Crimps"

Necklace: 20 Inches
Earrings Fall: 2 Inches

w/free shipping

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