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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Deer Clan Earring # NAO - 06182014

Historic photos always show Native American men and women wearing earring.
Sometimes these earrings were just bones or shells 
on a gut thread or metal wire hoop.
 Many Indigenous peoples from around the world also show this trend.
Most often the earrings were hand made by the wearer or wear's family member.
The next time you see the old photographs or drawings
 ... pay attention to the earrings.

I was attending a "Pow Wow" in Northern Montana a few years back and had a lovely visit with an older Native, Crow, lady I have known for years. She was helping her son (mid-20's) get dressed in his dance regalia ... when I noticed a young woman looking on. This lovely Native lady (Eva) was the Son's wife. She was dressed to dance and wearing earrings made from Deer antler bone and silver beads. I commentated on, and admired them. She told me she made her living making and selling earrings, and other Native beaded arts.

I showed her some of the photos of my own work.
Later that month after I returned home ... a package came for me in the mail.
The item I had bought from Eva had arrived!!
There was also a gift.
Eva's enclosed note thanked me for my purchase 
and stated the Deer bone tips were a gift.
 (Native peoples will often give a gift as an extension/expression of their gratitude)
(I know the tips also come with a ceremonial blessing ...
something I was also able to attend as well during the Pow Wow).

I made these earrings similar to Eve's from memory.
(You should NEVER take photos of Native People - without their stated permission)
(I don't do it at all)

Deer Antler Tip Drops, Hill Tribe Silver Beads and Spacers, Sterling Silver Findings
New Made ... Old Fashioned Style Treasure
Falling: 3.5 inches


In My Private Collection - sold only to the "Right Person"

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